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Product Design

COncepts, 3D models, final product

expandable game storage 1A copy.jpg

Product Development,   Prototype & Production

As an Industrial Designer at Pactec, I would develop products for companies like BD&A, Belkin, Barnes & Noble, Petco, PetSmart, Etc. I worked closely with the marketing team to develop products that I would present to a company to be picked up for production. This page shows just a few of the products that I designed. I would start with basic sketches to show my ideas. Ideas chosen by the marketing team would then be further developed and 3D modeled. I used Pro Engineer (now Creo) and Rhino 3D to model all items. I then exported the 3D models into Keyshot to render the materials. I would use the rendered models, Photoshop and Illustrator to create the presentations you see on this page. Many of these items were sent to China to be prototyped and the toy seen below was put into mass production by BD&A (actual product seen below left). For more samples see the Pet Product Design tab on the Portfolio page.

Charm Bracelet 2A_edited.jpg
umd case rendering_edited.jpg
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