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Pet Product Design

Concepts, 3d models & renderings

bag disp together_edited.jpg

Sketching Concepts

When designing pet products for Pactec, I would start with basic quick sketches. Sketches were then presented to our marketing team. Concepts chosen would then be further developed like the image to the left. I would again present the refined concept to the marketing team.

3D Models & Rendering

3D models were used to create the refined concepts as seen in the image above. I used Rhino 3D and Pro Engineer (now Creo) to create all the 3D models. 

bone bag dispenser_edited.jpg
dog bowl 1.jpg


I used my 3D models to create presentations that were then sent to the client for approval. Materials were rendered in Keyshot. The presentation was created with a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.


While developing a design we would always consider how a product would be used as well as how it would be presented in a store. I include images of the product being used when possible. Occasionally I would include the packaging in the presentation so the client could see how a product would look in the store.

petfood scoup 2.jpg
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