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Interior Architecture

Trellis design & fabrication



I designed and engineered the trellis in Rhino 3D. Each Trellis piece was designed to match the size of the art panel below it so all seems match. Each panel is is a combination of birch plywood for the structure and solid maple on visible sides. The 6 panels interlock side to side creating open channels for electric to be run for pendant lights. The angled fins alternate direction from panel to panel.


The trellis was shipped in pieces and assembled as it was installed on site. Each panel was labeled to correlate to the instructions I created and provided. Sample pages from the assembly instructions are pictured below. I created the instruction packet in Adobe Illustrator. The plan view of the trellis was created in Rhino 3D and imported into Illustrator.

trellis detail.png
trellis instructions 1.jpg
Angelinas Grill.jpg

Final Product

The trellis is both aesthetically pleasing, as well as architecturally functional. The cantilevered piece is beautifully juxtaposed to the art panels on the wall below it. The angles of the fins echo the angles in the art. It also serves to obstructs the view between the balcony above and the Banquet seating below creating a more intimate space for dining. Details about the art panels are on my main portfolio page under commercial art. 

Angelinas Grill.jpg
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