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Product Design

Robauto Design & Prototype

roboto sketches_edited.jpg


Through extensive research, the Robauto team determined that patients with Autism are more comfortable interacting with inanimate objects as opposed to human interaction. Stuffed animals and robots were the items most chosen by patients in a research group. Robauto set out to develop a robot that would make Autistic patients more comfortable during doctor visits. To the left are a few of the concepts I submitted to my client, one of which was chosen to create the prototype.


Robauto sent me an Arduino Chassis to design the body of the robot around. I had to develop the connection method between the body and chassis, making sure the body was easily removable. I developed the 3D  model in Rhino 3D.

roboto 3d model_edited_edited.jpg
Robauto model.jpg


I developed realistic renderings to submit to the client for approval prior to beginning the prototype. I used the Rhino 3D model I created to render the materials in Keyshot. Photoshop and Keyshot were used to add all the decals.


The 3D model was used to 3D print the body shell and the clear center of the body. I used other materials  to create the neck tube, head and eye lens. I painted the body with gloss white. I created the decals with inkjet printable water soluble decal paper. I applied the decals then clear coated over the body. The clear portion of the body needed to be hand polished because they do not come off the printer with a high gloss polish. the chassis was controllable with a program developed in Raspberry Pi, but the head and neck did not function on this first prototype.

roboto 1_edited.jpg
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