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Furniture Design

Customer Service Desk Design & Fabrication

desk concepts_edited_edited.jpg

Concepts & CAD

Westfield UTC Mall contracted me to design and build a new guest services desk. After sketching some ideas and reviewing with my client, I further developed the chosen ideas into the presentations seen above. I made basic models in Rhino 3D and rendered them in Keyshot and Photoshop. I then took the chosen concept and further developed it. The 3D model seen to the right was far more detailed, including electrical outlets, as well as materials closely matching the material samples approved by the client. The desk design takes into consideration how someone in a wheelchair would interact as well as the needs of a Service representative who would be in the kiosk all day.  

final concept CAD.jpg
mall desk 4_edited.jpg

Attention to Detail

The client wanted the desk to be on casters so that it could be rolled out to the edge of the kiosk during the day but rolled in when the kiosk roll down doors are closed. I added castors but continued the desk material down past them so the castors are not visible. The desk is fully network integrated. At the front there are ports for the service representative to connect their laptop to the network as well as charge any items they may need to. Along the underside, there are also electrical outlets with USB ports so guests can charge their items if needed. I also sourced and purchase the iPad stands seen on the desk top. Each iPad stand locks the iPad down, but the representative can unlock the iPad from the stand if they need to walk around with the iPad. All power cables for the iPad run through the iPad stand and through the desk top. They are not visible at all. I chose the coiled main power cable so that the desk could be rolled a distance out of the kiosk if needed. The cable is long enough but would never be dragging on the ground to be tripped over. 

The Final Product

The final desk looks quite elegant in the kiosk. They were able to get away with this smaller desk because they didn't lose any of the function of the larger original desk. Now the guest services representatives have more room to walk around and interact with guests.

mall desk 1.jpg
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