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Rebranding of Duke's Restaurant


Re-Branding Duke's

The Duke's restaurants in Southern California wanted to change their brand from a kitschy beach themed restaurant to an up scale dining experience. The interior of the Dukes La Jolla was completely redone. I was contracted by the marketing firm to fabricate all the new interior signage. 

The marketing firm sent concepts for the signs but I was responsible for designing them so they could actually be fabricated. I sourced all materials, quoted all prices and fabricated all interior signs. I was also responsible for installing most of the signs. The pin mounted letters required that I create a template to achieve the correct spacing when installing. A few of the many signs are shown here on this page. Most signs were made from Wenge or Mahogany wood and created with a combination of CNC and Laser cutting / etching. The restroom signs were painted and had veneer flowers applied by hand.

aloha proposal.jpg
bathroom bathing suit.jpg
womens surfboard sign design_edited.jpg
womens room sign up.JPG
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