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Lighting Design

 Chandelier design & fabrication

3D Front.PNG

3D Design & Engineering

All design & engineering for these chandeliers was done in Rhino 3D. The wood blades are supported by a large aluminum ring towards the outer portion and 1 interlocking disk in the crown. The actual light fixture is held in place by a slot in the wood but it is structurally independent from the wood blades that surround it. Each chandelier is 8 foot in diameter and weighs less than 80 pounds.

Test Fitting The Pieces

I used the 3D model to laser cut and CNC the wood pieces and to cut the slots in the aluminum support rings. All pieces were dry fit and once all adjustments were made, the wood pieces were clear coated. The 9 Chandeliers were shipped in pieces and assembled on site. Each one consisted of over 300 pieces, including hardware, and took approximately 2 hours to assemble.



Each Chandelier connected to a steel mounting plate that I designed. The plate served to both disburse the weight to multiple points on the beams above and as a junction point for the electrical connection. 

Final Product

The ring style light fixture I choose is illuminated on both the top and bottom of the ring. This lights up the upper crown of the wood fixtures, making the chandeliers visually interesting from both below on the main casino floor as well as from the 2nd floor balcony. 

coyote valley 1.webp
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