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making designs come to life



Headphones Prototype

I was commissioned by SoundSight to fabricate prototypes of their ground breaking headphones. The headphones have a camera in the cans that can record and spin 270 degrees while being worn. I was only sent a rendering that a previous designer had made. Because I had so little to go on, I had to redesign them so they could actually be built. I worked on the first 2 prototypes, the first being the white set shown on my portfolio main page, and the black set shown here. The prototype was created from a combination of pillaged parts of other headphones, CNC machined metal parts that I 3D modeled, and 3D printed parts.


Satellite Internet Prototype

The BRCK prototype was relatively simple for a complex item. The concept for BRCK was to create a receiver that could bring internet service to the most remote of locations. The prototype was created with a combination of 3D printed parts, hardware supplied by the client, and finished off with black soft touch paint.



BMX Bike Prototype

The IKONIX bike was a project I had the great honor of being a part of. World Famous BMX biker turned designer, Bob Haro designed this bike to be displayed at the Summer Olympics in London (seen here on display at the Olympics). The bike frame is made entirely from carbon fiber. I assisted with the molding of carbon fiber parts, as well as some of the finishing and panting. 

OIAR Systems

i-scope probe prototype

The I-Scope is a product that measures current and voltage and sends it to another product, the I-Jet. For the prototype I 3D modeled then 3D printed the body. I then sanded, painted and added the decals. I made the decals with inkjet printable, water soluble paper. I applied the decals and clear coated the parts.

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