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CAD 2D Drafting

architectural & mechanical engineering

cad 1.jpg


I created the drawing to the left when I was doing Architectural Millwork Engineering. The drawings were used by our in house fabrication shop to build the items. 

The item to the left is an all wood pit stand for a casino in Morgantown Pennsylvania. I used the architectural drawings to determine what was required of this pit stand. I then engineered and re-drew it so it could be fabricated. This item was drawin in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD & Rhino 3D

The drawing to the right is also from my time doing Architectural Millwork Engineering. This item is actually a steel structure intended to hold 4 flat screen TV's over gaming tables in a casino. I used the architectural drawings to determine the requirements. Because of the nature of this item and the angles of the steel I 3D modeled it in Rhino 3D and then imported the model into AutoCAD to complete the rest of the drawing.

cad 2.jpg
Helical belt2.tif

Pro Engineer (Creo)

The drawing to the left was created when I was doing Mechanical Engineering Design work. This item is a combination of sheet metal and steel / aluminum CNC machined parts. The 3D model and the 2D drawing for this item were created in Pro Engineer which is now know as PTC Creo.

Pro Engineer (Creo)

The drawing to the right in an assembly drawing. In Pro Engineer you create 3D models of the part and then combine all parts into a 3D assembly. The assembly model is then used to create a 2D assembly drawing. Each bubble has a number which correlates to a part number on a bill of material, all generated by Pro Engineer. 

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