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Commercial Art

Wood panel Design & Fabrication

Deli Art_edited.jpg

The Design

I was commissioned by an interior design firm to fabricate several large commercial art pieces. This is just one of the pieces I did. I designed the pattern for this 36 foot by 6 foot art piece in Adobe Illustrator. I created several renditions but the one shown to the left is the one chosen by the client and fabricated by me.

The Frames

The frames sides are solid maple, with an MDF backer board that the cut strips are applied to. Each frame is 6 foot by 6 foot and has a French cleat assembled into the back of the frame for installation on site.


The Strips

Thin sheets of birch plywood were stained and cut into strips. Starting from the middle 2 panels and working my way out, all strips were measured, cut and hand fit into place. The application of strips for each panel took about a day to complete. 

The Final Product

The art piece serves as a beautiful back drop above the Angelina's Grill banquet seating. The trellis above the art piece can be found on my portfolio page under Interior Architecture.

Angelinas Grill.jpg
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