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Electronic Product Design

UpWind Solutions Design to Prototype

upwind cad.jpg


I was contracted by Upwind solutions to redesign their control box. They were using a standard off the shelf grey plastic box but they wanted a box that looked sleek and incorporated their companies brand. They sent their existing box with all fittings so I could engineer around everything they needed to include in the box.

Concept & 3D Model

The 3D model above was created in Rhino 3D. I imported the 3D model into Keyshot to render the materials. I rendered the box in a clear material so that you can see how the mounting bracket connects to the box. The client liked this overall concept. They removed the swirls on the lid and requested raised lettering for their name as seen in the final product below.  

upwind prototype.tif


I used the 3D model to have the box and lid 3D printed on an SLA printer. I had 1 of the propellers  3D printed. I then made a silicone mold of the propeller and cast the translucent colored propellers in clear resin to create the light pipes on the lid.

Final Product

For the final product I painted the top in a gloss black and the body of the box in a soft touch black paint. I installed all of the hardware supplied by the client and LED lighting on the inside of the box to light up the propellers. This prototype was on display in the UpWind Solutions booth at CES.

upwind model.jpg
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